Sports Flooring

Unica Sports FlooringUnica Sports Flooring Unica Sports Flooring is formulated from high quality polyurethane polymers that meet the requirements of FIBA and IAAF indoor and outdoor sports flooring systems. Combined with rubber underlay pads that can be applied in various thicknesses, as basketball, handball and volleyball surfaces by brand name L'UNICFLEX and outdoor flooring system as athletics track by brand name L'UNICFLEX MULTI and PRO polyurethane coating systems.

The same flooring build up is used to provide a comfort padded flooring system for gymnasiums as well as safety flooring for children's play areas. Unica Sports Flooring

Tennis Courts

Unica Sports Flooring In 2001, we were proud to be the first and yet only company in Turkey to produce a 100 % Acrylic Latex-Based Tennis Court Surfacing System which complies to international standards. The ACRYFLEX-T brand is approved and Certified 1, 2 and 5 pace rates by the INTERNATIONAL TENNIS FEDERATION (ITF) Unica Sports FlooringUnica Sports Flooring


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